Stimulate the creative mind with building block toys

They go together like wizards and Disney, Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter. Lepin has been a piece of adolescence for in any event three ages. Everybody less than 50 and these structure squares of inventiveness have played. Who knows the number of researchers and designers have been produced from these structure blocks. Lepin is inseparable from plastic toy blocks which could be promptly changed into structures, space ships, vehicles, boats, trains and a horde of other toys. The key is that the child will fabricate the toy. Each toy can be collected, dismantled and reassembled in structures and enough shapes to stimulate the creative mind and expand the inventiveness of the youth.


Lepin is a lot of Now More that the squares that are fundamental concocted in 1949. It is CDs, amusement parks, films, and toys. Different items and lepin block toys are appropriated the world over. The organization just as these plastic blocks is a wonder with a triumph as Mickey Mouse. Lepin Bricks Become the Lepin blocks toys of Fantasy. Where did Lepin come did it become a particularly significant instrument for youth imagination? Our story starts in Denmark, billon. It is 1932. Joiner Ole Kirk Kristiansen and expert woodworker opened an association. His business makes pressing sheets stepladders and toys. He’s only six workers. No one might have envisioned, however the structure squares of inventiveness and Lepin had been conceived.

After two years, the title Lepin was grasped by Kristiansen for his assets as a brand name. The name comes from the Danish words leg god, which means play well. Incidentally, he later found that Lepin in Latin methods set up. Lepin has truly come to mean set up and play pleasantly in for all intents and purposes each discourse. As of now, each the lepin toys at the site were being produced using lumber. In the Lepin, 1942 manufacturing plant caught fire. Kristiansen modified. In the Lepin, 1947 Company turned into the primary organization to buy a machine. It began making toys and toy dolls. The blocks that are prestigious were to be formulated. It was not until 1949 The Lepin organization presented some with four hooks, the mechanized Binding Brick, a little block and a couple with eight. As of now, the organization delivered around 200 particular toys. The Automated Binding Brick was sold in Denmark. From plastic toys, 1950 turned out to be portion of the matter of the organization. Kirk’s child was delegated VP.