Ayung RiverHome to The Longest White Water Rafting in Bali

The Place of Ayung River is in Keewatin in Ubud. It is the broadest and longest river in Bali extending an incredible 75 kilometres from the North Mountain area into the Badung Strait in Sanur. This is the reason the experience could be between 3-4 hours when experience Ayung river rafting in Ubud.There Are six levels of difficulty rating in regards to white water rafting, and they change from 1-6 in difficulty. There are two seasons to enjoy a white water rafting experience in Bali. In the dry season, the river has some rough water areas, some stones, and drops, meaning while it is still a thrilling Ubud white water rafting experience, it is acceptable for all levels including beginners. But during the rainy season, water levels rise and make the white water rafting experience harder and perfect for folks that have more experience with it. It is because the waves are big and you need better skills to maneuver the sharper bends. Accordingly, in Mason experiences, we cater for every eventuality providing you the Whitewater kayak expedition you have been searching for and the best rafting tour in Bali.

Is it far to get there?


The rafting ayung river is situated around twenty minutes from Ubud and situated around one hour drive from other important tourist locations. You could be thinking about things to do in Ubud, and this might be top of the list for your visit to Bali.We Know that Bali is well known for beautiful beaches and scenery, but what better way to experience some of the natural beauty Bali, and Ubud rafting specifically has to offer compared to on the water. This is the reason you will need to experience the best rafting tour in Bali. On your trip, you will get to observe a lush green rainforest, rice fields, splashing waterfalls, and carved stone walls. You will also have to experience some of the awesome wildlife, which may often be a highlight for many in addition to all the adrenalin rush of the rapids and Ayung river rafting in Ubud which you can enjoy.

It Could be that you are wondering what things to do in Ubud which you can add to your list. You might be a little put off in the event that you have not appreciated a white water rafting experience before, but this shouldn’t dissuade you. Each raft has security equipment, and there is the training given for skills and basic maneuver. There will be others enjoying the experience with you, all with varying levels from beginner to advanced, so that you can feel more confident that you are going to enjoy the experience without being overly worried about how you might manage it. It might ignite a fire for more adrenaline concentrated activities or Whitewater experiences in the future.The 1 thing to mention is when you are enjoying rafting in Bali; you are going to need to capture the experience. The beautiful Ayung River offers you lots of picture-perfect chances, and you will also have the ability to catch the memory of Bali rafting when you are doing it.