Best Method To Cook tofu cubes

Tofu is a prominent ingredient of many dishes across Asia. The milky protein-filled substance is also known as bean curd and is prepared by coagulation of the milk extracted from soybeans. It varies in color and softness owing to the time and method of preparation. It is of different consistencies ranging from a silken and firm or extra firm, and people can choose from the available varieties according to their needs and the dish they want to prepare. It is considered a food item rich in fibre and protein which helps in controlling the calorie intake in your body. It helps in decreasing the risk of cancer and increases the coordination between memory and brain functionality. The soy in tofu has various benefits which can be obtained from eating tofu directly or in different types of dishes such as tofu cubes, soups, and curries.

How long does tofu last?

An unopened can of tofu lasts for about two to three months, or according to the manufacturing date and expiration date mentioned on the packet itself. It is important to note that unpacked tofu lasts only for three to four months even if it is frozen. It is better if you consume the tofu as soon as possible to enjoy some freshness in the taste and dishes. In case you want to enjoy a fermented taste in your dishes, you can let the tofu cubes rest for some weeks or months for a better and stronger flavour in your dishes.