How to Survey and Add Remarks to a PowerPoint Presentation?

A novel benefit of utilizing the Remarks device in PowerPoint 2007 is the capacity to save money on materials by decreasing the need to print out plentiful measures of paper verifications. Remarks are orders which can be added to your PowerPoint presentation instead of manual increase on paper evidences. In the event that you really want a partner to survey your presentation and have others support remarks and revisions, you do not need to print out different duplicates of the document to course adjust the houses. A remark is a note that you can connect to a letter or word on a slide or to a whole slide. You can utilize remarks when you believe individuals should survey and give input on a presentation that you have made or when partners request your criticism on a presentation they have made. In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can add, alter and erase remarks. To peruse remarks that commentators have added to your presentation, on the Survey tab in the Remarks bunch, click Show Markup.

PowerPoint Presentation

You can utilize the Past and Next buttons to move between remarks. To see all remarks, you can Move between survey remarks. The order to add, change or erase a remark in a presentation is likewise housed in the Survey tab in the Remarks bunch. You can add more than one remark to message, an item or a slide in a presentation. Presentation analysts can alter remarks added by different commentators – this changes the shade of the audit remark thumbnail and initials to those of the ongoing analyst. Presentation analysts can likewise erase remarks added by different commentators and this additionally changes the shade of the survey remark thumbnail and changes the initials to those of the ongoing analyst.

On the off chance that you utilize a Tablet PC, you can survey and remark on a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation by utilizing the pen and ink devices in PowerPoint. Utilize this framework to remark on and increase slide content by utilizing a ballpoint pen, highlighter or felt tip pen. You can eradicate any progressions that you make and you can likewise change the variety and weight of a line or text that you add while increasing the changing theme colors in powerpoint substance. The Send for Survey order is not accessible in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. In prior renditions of PowerPoint by involving the Send for Survey order with Microsoft Office Viewpoint or another email program, you could demand criticism about a draft of your presentation from commentators, like your partners and accomplices. Only single word of caution assuming you use PowerPoint 2003 or a prior rendition: when your presentation is investigated by anybody utilizing Office PowerPoint 2007, they will actually want to view and add remarks to your presentation, however you cannot combine their remarks into your presentation.