Tips for playing COD warzone

As we all know, the call of duty has turned to be the best game within short span of time. Millions and millions of players are playing this video game in order to get entertained at the best. Basically this game will be more challenging and hence the people who are playing it for the first time may lose the game more easily than they sound to be. Some of the basic tips which can help them to a greater extent are revealed in this article.

Check the map

The player is supposed to check the map properly before they drop. The place where the gas starts should be carefully noted. By making note of these factors more carefully, the players can easily sense where they can have a safe landing without any constraint.

All about COD hacks


One of the most common mistakes done by the beginners is they will not bother much about the contracts. The players must make sure to pick up the contracts whenever they get the chance to do so. There are several ways to earn cash which they are in need of. The gamers can make use of these chances to improvise their position in the game.

Make use of hacks

One of the most important tactics which are followed by many players in current trend is warzone cheats. The players can make use of these to earn the cash or other important things which they are in need of. With the help of hacks they can easily move over stages without any hassles.