A form of concrete repair mortar used to repair a building.

Different types of mortars are used to repair buildings.

  1. Portland cement mortar
  2. Polymer modified cement mortar
  3. Epoxy mortar

1. Portland cement mortar

Portland cement mortar is mainly used for concrete repair mortar, but it is also used for repairing elements where the defective area is very dry and less thick than any mortar in terms of thickness. This mortar should not be used for repairs.

Portland cement mortar, odd Portland cement (grade 43), is a combination of water and clean sand. The proportions of cement and sand are the same as for floor renovation.

2. Polymer Modified Cement (PMI): -.

This type of mortar is only used to restore the original open concrete floor. If the repair area is large and the thickness of the repair exceeds 50 mm, polymer modified cement mortar should be used.

In addition to cement, sand and water, polymers are added to these mortars. The polymers are of the following types

concrete repair mortar

  • Polymer emulsions
  • Re-mollifiable polymer powders
  • Water soluble polymers
  • Liquid resins

How to make polymer modified cement mortar

  • Preparation of a polymer modified mortar.
  • Cement and sand are first prepared in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:2.
  • Then a polymer is added in an amount corresponding to 50% to 20% of the cement content.
  • The water-cement ratio is selected between 0.3 and 0.6, depending on workability requirements.
  • This completes the polymer modified cement mortar.
  • This mortar is then applied in layers.

3. Epoxy resin solution

 Epoxy resin mortar is a combination of epoxy resin, hardener and sand. Previous concrete floors first use epoxy resin bonding layer, and then the epoxy resin mortar is applied for repair.

Such mortar will become solid after a few hours. This mortar has

  • Too much energy.
  • It is an excessive barrier to wear.
  • It is resistant to moisture.
  • It can be used in fairly thin layers.

Any of these mortars can be used in this case.

  • Where epoxy concrete cannot be used
  • The thickness of the repaired area (e.g. cracks) should not exceed 40 mm.
  • The repair space is maximum 0.1 m2.