Solar Panel System Applications

Solar systems have been in use across homes and commercial buildings for some years now. It is gaining popularity as more people understand the benefits of this method of electricity generation compared with the other traditional methods. There has been a lot of progress on the solar technology and the efficiency of these systems is getting better. The solar power generated can be used for a variety of purposes and in many different applications. Earlier only the rigid solar panels were available which made it difficult to install these systems in certain places. But nowadays, flexible panels are being made available. This has made the PV panel systems accessible for many more applications. The chief uses of the PV systems are discussed below. The solar modules are usually installed on the rooftops of houses or other buildings.

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These panels can provide maximum energy when a bright light falls on them. Depending on the strength of the electricity generated, the power can be used for Heating– the power generated from these solar power systems can be used to heat up the indoor or outdoor swimming pool or water in the tanks. Also they can be used to provide heating or cooling to the building. The solar panel installation has to be done according to the purpose of the requirements and should be done by a trained technician. A lot of countries are putting effort into generating cleaner energy and hence there has been a spot light on energy generated through solar power. Europe is a leader in encouraging solar energy generation.  The solar company in singapore units has become more prevalent across homes especially because of the initiatives undertaken by Governments to provide subsidy for installation. Also the residents have the option to sell off any excess electricity generated to their electricity supplier.