Who can apply for EDG?

There are various prerequisites for a firm to be eligible for an enterprise development grant. Becoming established and functioning in Singapore is among the primary qualifying criteria. The business plans should be founded and authorized in Singapore by the Authorities responsible. Secondly, the firm’s business should have a least of thirty percent regional ownership.

The last criterion is economic security. The firm ought to be able to stick to the plan until it is completed. Furthermore, the firm’s annual total revenue must be below dollar hundred million, and the firm must have less than two hundred workers. Meeting the prerequisites allows users for applying for an edg grant Singapore.

How many EDG grants can I apply for?

The Enterprise Singapore grant permits for just one submission at a moment. Nevertheless, there is really no limit to the amount of enterprise development grant applications one may submit. Furthermore, you could only apply for an enterprise development grant in a specific field once.

If you have already received an EDG grant in a certain region, then you aren’t eligible to apply for another grant in a similar area. However, this does not exclude you from seeking positions in those other aspects of business expertise. You may stay up to speed on EDG news by visiting the enterprise Singapore webpage.

In the long term, the grant may include added software solutions and types of tools. With the implementation of EDG, Singaporeans would strive for becoming a global metropolis via digital production, creativity, and capabilities.